The Way of the Cross, Duc de Berry paintings
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  Jesus falls under the weight of the cross

The route to Calvary

Pontius Pilate: Washing hands in water

Pontius Pilate

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the Wife of Pilate

Face of a man, Albrecht Durer

Jesus of Nazareth's story

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Herod Antipas

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    Painting of Jesus' journey to Golgotha

Jesus carries his cross to Calvary, Duc de Berry, Book of Hours

  Jesus carries his cross to Calvary, whole page, Duc de Berry, Book of Hours

The Virgin, always shown in a blue robe, attempts to lighten her son's burden by supporting the cross. He turns a sorrowful face toward her, but a soldier intervenes.

The other brightly colored soldiers sounding a horn or waving a banner seem to transform this horrific journey into a pageant. Grotesque.

The figures are a little awkward. Christ, like the soldiers, has the loose, limp character of a puppet.

Away in the distance the disemboweled body of Judas dangles from a tree - a mute depiction of his terrible fate.


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Bible Study Guide: Paintings of Jesus' journey through Jerusalem towards Golgotha, Les Belles Heures, Duc du Barry

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