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     The soldiers offer Jesus vinegar

Soldiers mock Jesus by offering him a sop of vinegar when he is thirsty, Book of Hours, Duc de Berry

"And one ran and filled a sponge full of vinegar, and put it on a reed, and gave him to drink”    (Mark 15: 36).

Christ offered a sop of vinegar, Duc de Berry, Book of HoursIn this painting from the Duc de Berry's Book of Hours, the centurion points at the dying Christ, who has asked for something to drink (the loss of blood that Jesus suffered would have brought on a terrible thirst). Instead of water, a soldier has mockingly offered Jesus a sponge soaked in bitter vinegar. Click on the image at right to see what the full page looked like in the Book of Hours.

It is near the end of Jesus' life, and the slumped figures of the Virgin and St John show their own emotional exhaustion. They know all too well that the end is near. Perhaps they even wish for this to happen, so that Jesus' terrible suffering may end.

The Limbourg brothers, who painted these images in the Book of Hours, introduced shields in the form of grotesque masks into other paintings for the Duc de Berry, but none were as expressive as the wailing face above. The soldiers at the tomb of Jesus, Book of Hours, Duc de Berry

Click on the image at right to see an enlargement of one of the other shields, this one from a painting of the soldiers at the tomb of Jesus.








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Bible Study Guide: Paintings of soldiers offering vinegar to thirsty, dying Jesus of Nazareth, Les Belles Heures, Duc du Barry

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