Jesus scourged by soldiers, Book of Hours paintings
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Jesus scourged

Jesus scourged
and mocked

Jesus crowned with thorns, Cranach

Paintings of the Passion of Jesus

Reconstructed house in the Upper City, possibly the house of the High Priest Annas

House of Caiaphas

Drawing of the palace of Pontius Pilate at Caesarea

Palace of Pontius Pilate

Buildings in 1st century Jerusalem

Layout of Jerusalem

The route to Calvary

Road to Calvary

The kiss of Judas

Herod, Pilate, Judas





             The flagellation of Jesus

Scourging or flagellation of Christ, Book of Hours, Duc de Berry

A short officer, strutting like a cock, and two underlings wield scourges while a youth raises a birch high above his head. A kneeling assistant pulls on the rope that holds Christ to the column.

The painterís oddly proportioned figure of Christ is more pathetic than noble, with its rivulets of blood coursing down Jesus' almost naked body. Jesus'  head is bent in resignation.

Perhaps the man at the right wearing a tiara and looking at the scene with conspicuous determination is Pilate. The artist, who could never resist strange headgear, has provided the high priest's companion with a fantastic red Mongolian hat.

Scourging of Christ in the Passion, Book of Hours, Duc de Berry




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Bible Study Guide: Paintings of Jesus being scourged by the soldiers, Les Belles Heures, Duc du Barry

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